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“Jadek reflects and challenges contemporary issues by confronting certain generational dividers to comedic effects.”

— Sam Holland, Migration Matters

We are very pleased to announce our new play Jadek which we will be touring in autumn of 2019.



A new play exploring identity, culture and migration. Seen through the relationship between a blind, Polish Grandfather and his English Granddaughter.

Grandad found a home in Yorkshire in 1945 after spending six years fighting and surviving World War 2. He likes a whiskey and hates the ventilation in his front room. Every morning he opens his eyes and a sorrowful “bloody hell” escapes his lips as he realised he’s still blind.

Chesca drinks way too much beer and has moved house a mere 28 times. As a modern-day performance artist, Chesca feels repressed by the world around her and pissed off at all the men in it. Chesca found a home at her Grandad’s house after spending what felt like most of her life at war.

Jadek delves into Grandad’s stories of World War 2 and explores the history of Polish communities in the UK, looking at how immigration has evolved and questioning how the world looks when you can’t physically see it.

Our work appeals to socially engaged audiences and its frank, contemporary and unapologetic approach to the issues it explores has proven successful with both younger and older audiences. We have a comprehensive marketing and audience development plan in place to support out work when it tours. 30% of our audiences for You Forgot the Mince were first-time theatre goers and 34% were from low-income backgrounds. Following on from this hugely successful national prison tour, Jadek will also tour prisons across the UK.


Running Themes in Jadek:

  1. Post-traumatic stress disorder
  2. Ageing
  3. Mental health
  4. Family carers
  5. Visual impairments



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